Invoicing has never been
for Local Black™ entrepreneurs.

Invoicing has made it's way to Local Black™ with our new service called Black Invoicing™.

Black Invoicing™, together with Pay Black™, offers a fast, easy and affordable Black-owned alternative to invoicing your clients.

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Got Up and Running Quickly

It literally takes only 10-15 minutes to get your business account configured before you can start sending invoices with Black Invoicing™.

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Receiving Payments on Local Black™ Made Easy

As a business owner, having the ability to receive payments for services quickly as either ACH payments or credit card payments is essential to keeping your business "in the Black".

Black Invoicing™ is not only a platform to do that, but a Black-owned platform, at that. Keep your money in the community and help the community keep its money with you.

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The easiest way to Invoice for Local Black™ services.

As more and more services are integrated into the Local Black™ platform, Black Invoicing™, together with Pay Black™, will allow consumers to pay you for yard work, hair cuts, and many more things.

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Advertise & Get Paid. All with Local Black & Black Invoicing.

Advertise your business or service on Local Black™ and invoice for business generated with Black Invoicing™.

Accept Credit Card Payments from your customers.

Accept ACH Payments from your customers.

Create and automate subscription billing scenarios.

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Simple and Affordable.

Creating a Black Invoicing™ account is very easy and using it for invoices is even easier.

Black Invoicing™ is affordable, and always will be affordable, at $7.99/month for an unlimited number of invoices + traditional credit card and ach transaction fees.

2.9% +30¢ USD

per successful charge for domestic cards


ACH Direct Debit
ACH only available in the United States

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Global Support

Accept credit card payments from 46 countries around the world.

ACH Payments

ACH Payments only available in the United States of America.

Secure Payments

Payment information securely collected and tokenized payment security. We keep no payment information on our platform.

Local Black for Business Accounts

A Local Black™ for Business account is required to send invoices on Black Invoicing™.


Grow your business with Local Black™

Local Black™ offers you the opportunity to advertise your business or service to thousands of consumers in the Black community and Local Black™ also offers you the opportunity to receive payment for services provided via Black Invoicing™. See our available services.

Easy, Professional Invoices with Black Invoicing™